Thursday, August 08, 2013

some cool photos from Stiff Speed

these are some really unusual vehicles in these photos, a VW mini van with a fifth wheel, and that very unusual 5th wheel hot rod / dragster I posted a couple years ago, in 2011

above photo developed in Apr 1962

those are very subtle differences!

A Ferrari Dino 246 GTS being unearthed from the front yard of 1137 W. 119th St. Los Angeles. February 1978

and wow, the 1970's\ in full groovy van lovin swing!

for a ton more cool photos:


  1. That Dino was buried, in California if I remember correctly. Jalopnik did a big article on it at one point.

  2. It was definitely buried, Classic and Sportscar magazine have just run an article about it's restoration, complete with licence plate 'DUGUP'