Wednesday, August 14, 2013

more computer problems, I won't get back to posting for probably a week. sorry. .. its beyond my control. Best Buy has no customer service and buying from them should be avoided


  1. Anyone know how to start a computer fund for this blog post here. I figure if a handful of guys that enjoy the site each contribute we can assist in keeping it going.

  2. I appreciate the sentiment, but buying a laptop isn't the difficult thing, waiting for the refund to get to my credit card balance is possibly a 2 week delay, though most people say it takes a week. Getting my payment to change the balance of my credit card is at least 36 hours. Getting the new one fed-exed overnight is another delay, then the delay of setting up the new one to be rewdy for normal use, with photoshop and my photos from events, a couple more hours at best. Best buy not only sold me a returned laptop as new, it had a bad video card, and they would not order me a replacement until I turned in the defective one. The new one would have taken 2 weeks minimum to be delivered.