Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Shelby cars you may not have ever heard of or seen, the Zagato GT 350, and the Shelby Lone Star

for more info and photos of this 1966 GT 350 that Shelby sent to Zagato for restyling (look at the rear window wrap around) :

for the story of the 1968 GT40 based car:


  1. I was just mentioning the Lonestar the other day while writing. In your link of gentleman racer there is a link you should hit. Basically www.cobraferrariwars .com Probably one of the best cobra racing books ever put out. Mike Shoen, a friend, has an amazing history with certain cars. I know he owned two Cobra Daytona Coupes back in the day and maybe a third. He is part of the U-haul family in which a huge fight over the company took place. He owned the transporter that was owned by Lance Reventlow which carried his Scarabs through europe. Then eventually was inherited by Shelby for his Cobras and Daytonas. It passed hands and was painted twice for McQueens Lemans movie and Mike owned it with the Ferrari paint job. It was a causualty of the U-haul war and sat for decades in hot Arizona until Don Orosco rescued it and did a complete restoration. The latest news on the Lonestar is at the above website.

    Just look at the other cars on his site. Mike had owned a lot of cobras in the past and has helped many and not helped when he needed something small in return years later.

    1. I learned about that U-Haul fiasco, when I posted about the transporter. I'm glad you've had such a cool guy as a friend! That is way cool! I do need to get a copy of that book, and I bet I can snag one on Amazon here shortly... thanks!