Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Acceleration, lower your computer volume warning

Thanks John!

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  1. I've got two stories to go with this vid.

    In Tulsa once (and Tulsa used to be a major cruising city), cruising in my 1958 Bonneville, 389, tri-power, 4-speed, and a 55 Chevy pulls up along side. My best friend and his girlfriend were in the back seat and his female cousin was in the front. I started to gun the engine to race the 55 and she kept saying "Don't you race with me in the car. Stop it now. Don't you dare race with me in the car..." But I did anyway and as soon as it was over she said "LET'S DO THAT AGAIN!"

    The other involves a Jeep that I used to have, a 1976 CJ-7 with 32" tires and a 3" lift. Once my dorm floor had a bonfire out at some strip pits and there was a trail back in there. Well it had been raining and I thought it would fun to do. I'd done them before, but it was dryer. I had three girls in my Jeep and we hit the trail, well it was supper muddy and I had to keep it floored almost the whole time and steer like a madman to avoid trees and stay on the trail and these three girls were screaming so loud and piercing, it was truly painful. I thought, "They're going to kill me for taking them out here." But, once again, when we were done they all said "Let's do that again!"