Monday, May 06, 2013

Car improvements the Vroom Girls writer (Janis) feels would improve her car (I'm not joking)

A block and tackle system for getting heavy things out of the grocery basket and into the trunk or SUV cargo area.

Umm, yeah, how'd you get that heavy thing into your basket? Use that method to get it out. Or, if your grocery store is a nice as every single one I use (Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons) they ASK you if you'd like help to your car regardless of what amount of groceries you've purchased. Or, if you go to one that doens't, ask the cashier to find out if there is a bagger that will assist you. Or, like drag racers have installed on their trailers to move engines, have a device made if you are actually serious.

Sliding windows to stop her hair from getting whipped around.

Ummm, seems simple to me, get a car with sliding windows. I've seen them. They exist.
Or, oh, I don't know... use the air conditioning. It's standard in most vehicles. Has been for a dozen years or so. Don't have AC? You might be at fault for not buying a car with AC.
Or buy a car older than 1970, as most had that cool little wind wing in the front corner of the front windows, and big air vents by your knees. Plus, a lot of old cars have AC too.
Or use any number of hair restraints to keep your hair subdued. Braid it, rubber band it, put on a hat or head band, etc

Hubby proof bumpers

Janis says her husband and son are dinging her bumpers by running into things. She also states that car bumpers were made of rubber. Well, I know of a lot of bumpers, and most were chrome, some were Elasometric, and then the Saturns made plastic feasible. So, just because I can't think of rubber bumpers, doens't mean she's wrong, I just look at classic cars more than whatever she refers to with rubber bumpers. She also says her husband and son borrow her car to prevent their cars from getting dinged and dirty. Solution? Don't let them use your car, you've already pointed out they have their own. Simple, I know.

Rubber car keys to prevent the tight jeans and keys problem.

What problem? She didn't say. Poking her in the legs? Poking holes in the jeans? Causing wear fading at the point the keys protrude the jeans?

Anyway, solution, that cool little plastic key fob a lot of cars have. Get one of the cars that have one that has the key inside. Chevy Cruze for example. push a button on the side and like a switchblade, the key unfolds for use.

Front seat purse clip

Well, her purse spills it's load of stuff when it falls to the floor.

Solution, and call me an idiot for suggesting this, put the purse on the floor. Close the purse if left on the seat. Put the purse on the back seat floor. Put the shoulder strap around the seat or headrest and it'll stay suspended above the passenger seat, within reach, without falling, and without inventing a purse clip.

Bigger or smaller space between the seat and the center console.

Finally, I agree. It's too small to reach into and get the pen that falls there, so if the seat to console dimension were wider, we could easily reach fallen things. Or, we could prevent things from falling if the car makers would use the same rubber boot material that they install around the console shifter between the seat and console

Just my response to some ideas Janis had posted at

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