Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a variety of good stuff from Go Away Garage

how cool is this old wrecker, they weren't called tow trucks when and where I grew up, they were known as wreckers. One thing I like about this one, the tire covered  front bumper was often used to push a vehicle that couldn't move under it's own power, because a lot of cars then were stick shifts, and if the starter or battery wouldn't work, all you needed was a push start.

above, a Wallis tractor

Above, a 1912 Wilkinson motorbike, and the seat!

Known now as Wilkinson Sword-Schick, makers of razors, once made motorcycles from 1911-1916. 848cc, 4 cylinder, side-valve, shaft drive and water-cooled. Only 200-250 were ever made. Known as the British Luxury Touring Motorcycle.

Hard to make out, but the Moroso gold valve covers, and the wheelie bars? I think this was for drag racing

Above, a part of a Norman Rockwell. The best part.

I don't think I've ever seen a woody bus before, but it looks good!

that is the biggest fire gong, or a big train flywheel

the racket 4 motors must have made!

incredible kid sized trailer! Too cool!

damn cool garage shelving idea!

Yup, the dog lovers would likely be outraged at the dogs stuck in the trunk, but it's a neat photo anyway

All found on http://goawaygarage.blogspot.com

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