Tuesday, March 26, 2013

how many blind luddites have to tell you that they guess your car is a Mercury, before you get so fed up that you write in the back window that it's a Torino?

 on the dash it has the Cobra Torino badge, but not on the outside.

It's so annoying that people say to a car owner, Hey, is that a XXXX ? when you have a YYYY. Worse that they are too stupid to read. Yes, READ. Behind the rear tires, on most Mopars with stripes, and this Torino, and most other cars, are a badge or sticker decal saying what the car is. Sometimes between the brake lights or on the edge of the trunk deck... but so few cars are built with no wording on them to tell you the model... and stupid people frequently guess at the model, instead of reading the decal, and this Torino owner got fed up so much he wrote that in the back window. Priceless.!

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