Saturday, February 23, 2013

the variety of cars at the 2013 Run to the Coast, American Street Car challenge, part of the Optima Street Car Challenge, and it's in Irvine, on the old El Toro MCAS all weekend, drop by to see muscle cars, sports cars, and lots of 1955-1975 cars get handled they way you'd like to treat them!

at the 215 and Interstate 5 split in Irvine, get off the 5 at Sand Canyon Ave then immediately take Marine Way south, into the old Marine Corps base, follow the white cones, and you'll get there. It's basically under the big orange balloon

the bumpers have been ground down, sectioned, bolts welded on the inside, and they they were tucked into the body

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  1. I think the show is funny. They show heavily modded American cars going against mostly mildly modified imports. I am a fan of both, but they should make it even. I liked the fact that the GTR stomped on every car they threw at it and Bo Duke lost his ass. Also the specs they post about the imports are sometimes way off the facts. Like the 2001 BMW M3 that said had a topspeed of 192. Not happening. It is limited to 155 and unlimited to 178. The guy only took out the interior so it would have taken a lot of mods to get it upto 192. Anyway it is still a great show.