Monday, January 07, 2013

I've never seen these photos of the Futurliner busses before

Red white and blue... wow!

I don't recall why it has "Peter Pan" on the nose

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  1. Peter Pan is a transit and tour bus company in the north east.


  3. Anonymous10:39 AM

    The first picure of the "white" futurliner was done by a man who restored it into a motor home years ago. I forgot his name but it was one of the first to get restored. Now the Peter Pan Futurliner is owned by that company and was painted their companies colors for promotional work. I had dinner years ago with Peter P. the chairman of the company and I beleive it has been redone into original Futurliner colors. I'm not sure if they still own it though. I do remember that this is one of two that they owned and the other was parted out. Not sure which one was parted out because there has been more than one sitting around in junk yards. Also one was rear-ended and never repaired by GM when in service in the 50's. has all the history and pics.