Thursday, December 13, 2012

Did you like the posts about collections in barnfinds, the collections of cars that were found to have been neglected for decades? Well, here is another. In Belgium, and it's all Alfa Romeos

These are good photos, but there is another great set at who says there are only 6 cars.

First it was the Sleeping Beauty collection of the Schlumpf bothers, then the welded shut collection of the variety of cars bought up by a collector when they were cheap, in Portugal. Now, this group of cars in a Belgian Castle. Cool world we live in, and interesting finds are still happening.

The original source website is dead. Well, it might just be having issues, but it doesn't seem to work. and so I learned about this on who posted it a month ago

A couple photos are at but they aren't as good as these ones, and provide no info


  1. What is the use of making us collectors cry, seeing this heartbreak, without supplying us the means of saving them? I am an intrepid collector, and would do anything to save a car that I think is worth saving! This is like publishing photos of incredibly beautiful and expensive abandoned places.........only to leave us to our desperation of wanting to do something but cannot do anything! If you really wish these cars to be saved, make it possible somehow for collectors to contact you for info!

    1. when you are ready to hire me to get you the info, let me know. Until then, YOU will have to do your own homework to collect stuff. It's easy, hell, I do it for fun.
      So, if you aren't full of hot air when you say "would do anything to save a car" then it's time to hire someone to "supply us with the means of saving them".
      If you really want to do something, open your wallet and pay for the info. Most serious collectors do, so they can ENJOY collecting without the headaches