Saturday, November 03, 2012

Anthony Boosalis found a 65 Cobra, 427 SC chassis CSX 3047, unrestored

thanks to and Galpin Ford for having a car show that got Anthony to bring in his awesome Shelby 427 SC Cobra, one of approximately 30 SCs built in 1965 and one of only 2 that was painted Hertz gold by the factory.

The car is original with exception of the paint job. This car has never been restored. This car has spent the last 25 years in Pennsylvania parked in a garage. It is rare to find a Cobra this original. It is considered by many in the Cobra world to be the most original 427 SC left in existence.

this car show was August 26 2012, a Shelby memorial event


  1. Correction: It was sitting in a garage in Maryland for 25-years.

  2. It sure would be great to read the backstory on this car.