Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some interesting and unusual things from the British Car Council annual car show

Pictured below is an actual WW2 Brockhouse Corgi GI camp scooter from the archives

 Looks like a hoodscoop more commonly found on 60's race cars and hot rods

 the backseat of this 60's Aston Martin is nearly couchlike

 starter fluid, don't leave home without it

who knew a Morgan glovebox made a good cupholder?

Al Davis custom? Huh... another bit of trivia lost to the past. Who or what Al Davis radios were known for will likely never be known or recalled. Certainly it isn't referring to the LA Raiders former owner


  1. Welbike!!!!

    I worked at what was Station IX in 1976;

    Better known here (I'm still local) as The Frythe;



    1. Wow... that's cool! What did you do there in '76? And what in the world are you looking at my humble site for? By the way, I hope you've enjoyed what you've found here... it's remarkable to me that people are popping in to see what I've done lately.