Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Magazine subscription idea... when they offer a 2 for one holiday give away, send the other subscription to a hospital, military organization (ship, squadron, submarine, etc) or charity

That's my plan, for the Rod and Custom, and Muscle Car Review magazine renewal offers I got in the mail above.

Anyone have a great one in mind before I go to Balboa Naval Hospital and get their mailing address for the long term recovering wounded in action?

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  1. Yes, ask your VA guys to drop their recently read car magazines off at the VA when they go so fellow vets can read something they really like.

    So far, we have one neighbor (Neighbor Neal) who likes the idea and kicks in his boat, car, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines, which we drop off every month when I go in for the coumadin clinic at the La Jolla VA.

    Uncle Frank


    Question: Is there a program for vets to learn car repair, mechanics, etc anywhere between here and LA? I ask as I'm old and sick and would love to donate a number of automotive items to such a program.

    Finally, I had intended to email you to mention all of this (rather than posting) but I find it increasingly harder to find email addresses on a lot of blogs.