Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Some projects start with a part, and take a natural path toward completion, but assembled into a vehicle that is unique, and not ever made into production. What could be a 1903 Overland

from contributor "Uncle Frank" :

It's a complete fake and no such vehicle ever existed.
It started when he gave me a Model T klaxon horn which I restored and eventually gave back to him for the project.
He had also assembled a stack of parts, bits and pieces of this and that, a pile of scrap metal curlicues, etc and a gorgeous brass bucket style headlight from 1903.
Shortly after that, he found a Turn of Last Century opposed twin irrigation pump and knew what he had to do...


  1. Great job with assembling. Looks really cool :-)

  2. I'm the proud owner of this piece of art.

    1. My compliments on your good taste! How did you come to own it, do you exhibit it, or take to car shows/events, and is it on youtube for a video of it in action?