Monday, August 27, 2012

2 1/2 Ton 6 x 6 Cargo Truck 1953 M44 found in San Diego, on a sidestreet, for 3500


  1. I still have my license to drive one of those somewhere. How much is it?

  2. Don't want to stroll the troll but:- It's actually a 6 wheel 4x4 as it only has 2 axles ( Yup that's how we spell it over here in Yurp.) and not the 3 axles that a 6x6 has.

  3. Don't want to "Stroll the Troll" here but I really must.
    That's a 6 wheeler 4x4 and not a 6x6 as it only has 2 axles rather than 3 axles.