Tuesday, July 17, 2012

there is an email going around with photos of wrecked 1920's and 30's cars, here are the more impressive photos

 above is a late 1910's Dodge I think... there was a name for the style... but I can't remember it
 worlds strongest front tire and steering parts!

 above, a kid went joyriding and trashed the car in an accident
 above and below are Mack trucks, in the first version of the company symbol

If the photos make you glad you have power steering, power brakes, airbags, and saftey glass windshield... than you echo my sentiment

All the photos were taken by a Boston news photographer, and are now in the Boston Library


  1. That first pic those trucks are often referred to as "express", "huckster", or "station hack" bodies.

  2. Blimey. Fascinating photos, i've never seen a Ford Model T with disc wheels before. The tram crush looks particularly horrific

  3. Very entertaining Jesse. That truck hanging on for dear life from the bridge is just hilarious.