Tuesday, June 26, 2012

these need to get posted... I have been waiting for the right time.

 I came across this in my neighborhood

 Dodge made a 600ES? Huh,  looks like a late 80's Aries K car
 RARE 1981 corvette, a Duntov Turbo edition. Corvettes were just not going to get turbos according to the GM managers

 Off.. a jag that got a nose job, and looks worse, from http://parkoffka.ru/ who has a lot of great content, but NEVER add a credit to their posts to tell you where they got the stuff they post. I don't like that
 I think the above Ford truck was from one of my favorite Brazilian websites, it's a South American Ford crew cab and maybe not even a pick up bed.

The pancake shaped flying wing V173


  1. Again? We had a Doge 600ES Turbo Convertible a few years after we sold the Aspen Staion wagon I mentioned in my last comment. Ours was black with grey leather interior, great little car only made 1200 of the 600ES Droptops. I almost bought one off eBay last year one of one in a special order purple. Oh and I have some Rikuo photos photos to send you, we just finshed up a 1956 here at work.

  2. That double-cab Ford F-100 was an aftermarket conversion. There are still a handful of double-cab conversion companies still active in Brazil, the Tropical Cabines being the biggest and closely tied to Ford.

  3. Huh?!? That's my car and me driving that dodge 600!! So random.

    1. I'll say, I took that photo 3 years ago! Hi there fellow San Diegan