Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things I wish people learned in drivers ed, and used on the roads

If you hear sirens, move over to the right side of the road and stop your vehicle. Could be an ambulance saving someones life. Could be a fire department convoy getting to a multi family dwelling and saving a lot of lives. Could be a cop that wants to catch a bad guy, and save you some grief in the future.

If you aren't passing someone slower, stay as far right as it you can and maintain your speed. No matter how fast you drive, someone is going to pass you in just a couple minutes.

Use your brakes to slow down, not your transmission, because it's easy and cheap to replace brake pads, but clutches are expensive.

anyone want to add to this list? Feel free and use the comments or email me direct and I'll add them here

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  1. Yes to all three!

    I am a driver's ed instructor in Milwaukee and I do teach all of those things (though we don't get many manual transmission drivers anymore).

    I wish that more people learned how to look ahead, leave a gap, and drive smoothly in heavy traffic. If you do this correctly, you almost never need the brake in otherwise 'stop and go' traffic. Your not getting to the end any faster than anyone else anyway, might as well take it easy.

    I'll try to keep checking back to see if there is anything I am missing with my students!

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