Monday, May 07, 2012

A quick overview of the Graystone Mansion Concours 'd Elegance cars

Many more posts, galleries, and photos to come. And one really cool story about a Packard from Nebraska that survived neglect, long term storage, and was finally getting restored when a tornado stuck the house, tree and garage. It still survived, and was here at the show. Pam and Paul brought it from Nebraska by way of Pheonix (second home) to the show, and shared "as found" and tornado damage photos so I can show them and the wonderfully restored Packard photos to you

I'll be posting a Briggs Cunningham raced Corvette that Bruce Meyer brought, a Scaglietta bodied Ferrari, a 1940 Coachcraft roadster, Bugatti, Rolls, Packards, 3 Zagato bodied sports cars, a Stutz Bearcat, and many more

For another perspective and a variety in the coverage of this great car show, and specifically

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