Thursday, April 05, 2012

One of 5 specially constructed 1929 boattail roadster Essex, by Hudson, coachbuilt by Biddle and Smart... all to make the Essex regional (5 regions got 1 each) sales increase when customers learned what a great car Essex made.

 now... why is the bottom line in a language obviously not on an original factory tag?
 I noticed that the top of this fuel apparatus says Vacuum Gasoline System

 what an exquisite instrument panel

 How the running board rubber mat has remained in such incredible condition is a mystery, could anyone be reproducing such a small sales item? Who could possibly buy enough of these to make a company produce them for profit?
 Odd that the kick plate is not one the running board, but keeps feet from damaging the alloy (which I think means Aluminum) custom handmade bodywork

this is only the 2nd Essex I've ever seen in San Diego


  1. The runningboard mats are repros, available from K-Gap. The s/n plate is also a repro, but the text is as original (the s/n stamping is done poorly). There were more than five of these made (that story goes with the '31 Hudson boattails) and more than two still exist because I've seen more than two of them. The vacuum tank is not the correct model for 1929, nor is the paint scheme. It is rare and pretty, but why surround it in BS?

  2. I love this car, it sure is pretty
    I also have an Essex but a 31 deluxe coupe
    you would be surely proud to own it