Sunday, April 08, 2012

Gas Guzzlers of Greaseville QC, coolest name for a car club since the Beatniks of Coolsville, brought 2 cool vehicles to the Viva Las Vegas, this Hudson for one. It gets my award for best custom there

 Though fuzzy and out of focus, the full frontal image is awesome, what an effing grill!

 I couldn't even see the dash, but the speedometer and other gauges are on the trans hump, using this Mopar set. Effing cool. The shifter was so high over the windows it's near the damn headliner... but still cool

 Flippin great back bumper, awesome tailight treatment

 the above replaced the factory badge and just has 1951 Hudson etched into it
Rock on GG cc


  1. Nice job there!
    Go Quebec!

  2. Kool that's our cars! Greatest road trip ever!