Monday, February 20, 2012

You can learn a lot from car guys, even ones that collect Lancias, in Pennsylvania... cool story from Car and Driver via the Vintage Racing League

I had no idea so many parts were the same in Ferraris and Lancias of the 60's

Mike Kristick: "The Lancia people tell me not to sell any tool kits to Ferrari guys. They’re the same pieces as Ferrari tool kits, but they keep telling me that the Ferrari guys will pay three times as much. The fuel pump for a Lancia Flaminia is the same as a Ferrari’s; the Fulvia ignition is the same as a Ferrari’s. The Ferrari parts guys buy up all of the Lancia parts and jack up the prices to the Ferrari guys."

What began as a search for parts for the Fulvia has become, three decades later, what may be the largest inventory of salvaged and new-old-stock (NOS) Lancia parts on the continent.

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