Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Auto Enthusiast March 2012 has an article on the Justice Brothers Racing Cars musuem, and the Smith Master Valve Special...

 I learned that the above, a Sprint Car built in the very early 1930's was only raced once, at 100mph for 35 miles, and then sat in a San Antonio garage for 51 years. That is a terribly sad story.

The engine is a 1928 Chevy, but the head is a patented Rotary Valve piece, and that is remarkable. More jaw dropping is that it was made by a guy who got only to 5th grade in school.

the Firestone balloon tires have no tread.
images from http://www.streetrodderweb.com/features/1002_justice_brothers_racing_museum/photo_07.html

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