Sunday, January 22, 2012

There are only two of the Bugatti Atalantic type 57SC, one at the Mullin Museum (highest price ever paid for a car), one in the Ralph Lauren collection.. but even cars this expensive have been in the classifieds

 above from my post 2 years ago
Bottom image from

3 were made, one was hit by a train in 1950. So one of the above was the car in the calssifieds.


  1. Yes, it's a masterpiece ...... This is the acme of perfection .....

  2. The car at the Mullin Museum is the one in the classified. The car was last sold (prior to Mullin) in 1971 to Dr Peter Williamson for a then world record auction price for a car of $59,000. So this Bugatti also has twice during its life been known as the most expensive car on the planet. Very special indeed.