Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Found in a family members trash after they cleaned out the garage rafters, a rare 1968 Scat Pack Super Bee light sign, for sale on Craigslist

Aprox. 55" wide, 35" Tall, 8" Deep
Aprox. 6 lbs
Plastic with cardboard back.
Original hanging chain attached.
Original 2 prong electrical cord attached.
5 original light sockets attached.

original Dodge Dealer Lighted Scat Pack Super Bee Sign. Found (actually my family whose house this came from dumped it into the trash)  after cleaning out a garage of a family member who had it stored in the rafters. As you can see from the photos, all the light sockets work (non original bulbs) and the plastic does not have any burn marks! Everything is original including the hanging chain.

The seller has already talked to his local Dodge collectors, and the most he's been offered and turned down was 1500, mostly because the Mecum Auction people have raised his expectations to 2007 price levels. His other problem is not wanting to ship the sign. Wow, talk about narrowing your possible buyers to your own area code.


  1. This is fantastic !!!! I wonder how much it is ? Great post.

  2. Cool for $400. Insane for $7,000!!!

  3. He wants $7,000 !!!

    Since I can buy a running orig 69 SuperBee with a 440 for $10,000 I'm going to pass on this one.