Monday, January 09, 2012

Several people identified these late 1920's early 1930's cars as Hotchkiss (French manufacturer) Jon found this photo in a family photo album, and wondered what they were

Francis was first to identify them,

Iain learned that the plates were London registered:  by this list -
A quick look at the dvla site suggests the numbers are no longer on those cars.

Ivan knew that the car company was French, HOTCHKISS. Benjamin Berkeley Hotchkiss.

Tire Van knew that the cars are running on Dunlop triplestud tyres!

Jean-Frederic was the most recent of the correct answers, and that is the list of people who knew what they were and emailed me...

The badge in the grill is easy to identify once you've seen it

thank you all!


  1. It's a french car, HOTCHKISS. Benjamin Berkeley Hotchkiss.

  2. Those are definately British numberplates, and the cars are running on Dunlop triplestud tyres.. I reckon early thirties judging by the shape of the wings and running boards.