Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1937 Bugatti Atlantic type 57SC, holds the record for being sold for the most ever paid for a car, no one is saying who bought it and loaned it to the Mullin Museum though

Ralph Lauren has one just like it, they are two of a kind, and the most prized vehicles I've ever heard of

If you are enjoying the Bugatti and Mullin museum posts, head over to Justacargal's blog, http://justacargal.blogspot.com/  as she is faster at posting than I am, and has a lot more already posted from our tour... maybe not as many photos of each car, but I probably post a lot more than most people are interested in anyway


  1. You would figure that people who know so much about rare Bugattis would know how to spell "unprecedented."

  2. I like your article...
    Where did you get the pictures?

    1. I went to the Mullin Museum of course. And made my camera do the good work.