Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1937 Bugatti Atlantic type 57SC, holds the record for being sold for the most ever paid for a car, no one is saying who bought it and loaned it to the Mullin Museum though

Ralph Lauren has one just like it, they are two of a kind, and the most prized vehicles I've ever heard of

Why they claimed to not know the owner, is baloney of the highest order. No one dropped the car off and wouldn't tell them their name.

So, time goes by, and Jan 2017, the car gets an award at the Arizona Biltmore, and the truth was forced out, Peter Mullin couldn't afford it all by himself, so he partnered with Rob Walton, part owner of Walmart https://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2017/01/17/1936-bugatti-type-57sc-atlantic-coupe-takes-best-of-show-at-arizona-concours-delegance/

If you are enjoying the Bugatti and Mullin museum posts, head over to Justacargal's blog, http://justacargal.blogspot.com/  as she is faster at posting than I am, and has a lot more already posted from our tour... maybe not as many photos of each car, but I probably post a lot more than most people are interested in anyway


  1. You would figure that people who know so much about rare Bugattis would know how to spell "unprecedented."

  2. I like your article...
    Where did you get the pictures?

    1. I went to the Mullin Museum of course. And made my camera do the good work.