Saturday, September 17, 2011

Poway Transmissions - Annual Motorhead Madness

Hell yes, never grow up, never grow old

 interesting heater controls, too bad news cars don't have controls that look as good as this... new plastic knobs all look the same, boring with no design thought beyond cookie cutter bean counter plain ugly
Best looking factory gauge pods I've ever seen

 Why were Vettes the only cars with igition system covers? Seems like a fine idea for noise supression of static to the radio
 Green shag carpet? Really? To hide the puke stains of the first time riders who get nausea from the ugly color?
 flip down tables... not a bad idea
Cool controls
 mid 60's Stang with early 70's Stang hubcaps, I've never seen that match up before
 These wrapped headers are pointing forward in a Pinto... it gives them all the needed room to get the collectors connected to the exhaust pipes

Modern Mopars have what is known as the "gunsight grill" but this Ford Fairlane grill center emblem seems to have beat them to the idea by 3 or 4 decades

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