Sunday, July 10, 2011

I finally stumbled across some new photos of the 1937 REO fuel tanker

found on

the only other image I ever came across was in 2009: and since all 3 images show the REO with the same side marking advertising Super Plume Ethyl, I suppose it's the only one vehicle in these 3 photos

Ace Zenek spent a great deal of time combing the photo and newspaper archives of Austraila and New Zealand

The photo (above) has a caption that states: “The tank capacity was 1075 Imperial gallons, and the tire size was 7.50 x 20. Enough of the trucks were built to be assigned to each of the seven Capitol Cities in Australia (probably for the units advertising value).

The form of the Streamliner was a concept by an unknown Melbourne artist, who worked with Vacuum’s Transportation Experts. Martin and King Coachbuilders also located in the City, built the bodies with four internal tanks for the Oil Company on Reo Model 2LM forward control bus chassis’. The discharge hoses were stored in the chrome tubes that started at the rear of the headlights and followed the catwalk on each side of the body.

The truck appeared at the Coronation International Motor Show. A piece in the May 25th, 1937 The Argus, of Melbourne, had the following sentence. “On the Reo stand is the most extraordinary vehicle in the show — a fully streamlined tanker which looks as if it is several years ahead of its time.”


  1. NICE! I've got a jpg of the third photo as well, but it's great to see more. A lovely old thing.

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Would LOVE to find one of these or find the blueprints to build one from scratch!