Thursday, June 16, 2011

More cool photos from 21 Stud

Why are these guys playing golf on a dry lake?
It's a right hand drive, US military 1920's car... raises a couple questions to my mind

But Steve did it again! How in the world he worked out that this is a 1915-16 Chalmers Light 6 Roadster... is a mystery! There is nothing to go on! I can't see anthing very distinguishing, but Steve is incredible, and nailed another unidentified car!

Ford made the switch to Left Hand Drive in 1908 with the Model-T, but most companies didn't start making the switch until between 1913 and 1916. Some makers held off until the 1920s - Pierce Arrow in 1921 and Stutz in 1922 for instance. Some firetruck manufacturers continued to fill customer orders for RHD trucks on into the 1930s.

I haven't come across many of the servicars
that is a well packed trunk!
But how many have kids in the trunk... and trust that the stupid kids won't climb over the stuff once they are driving down the road?
getting the street car stripped for the dry lakes racing
for lots more

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