Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paul Garrett didn't build this car, he bought it. Truth in advertising, if Garrett and Sons aren't honest about that, are you going to buy from them?

This is Frankentein built by Ricky Bobbys Rod Shop, you'll see it as the 11th hot rod in this list of hot rods that Ricky Bobbys Rod Shop built
What is it called when a guy buys a car, puts his business name across the sides, and brings it to shows?

I talked to Ricky at he GNRS show when I was incredibly impressed with "One Night Stand" and just emailed him to verify because Rory was cool and pointed out that Garrett didn't build it.

From Ricky's email to me today:.... I just what to be low key and have fun.....and hope one day that my car is that barn find that some young guy will find and be very proud of and aways wonder who in the hell built it.... and wish that the car could talk..... thats it no more ... your friend Ricky Brown


  1. If you buy a car, you can do whatever you want to it. Just because PG bought a couple rat rods and put his name on the doors, doesn't mean that he is claiming he built them. PG is one hell of a builder, designer and representative of the rodding community. He has designed and built some of the sweetest vehicles on the West Coast. I would say to you mister "car guy" don't be hatin, you should be appreciatin!"

    1. You jump to conclusions, I appreciate the builder of this car, Ricky Bobby's Hot Rod Shop. Since it makes no sense to put your name on what other people make, it makes me wonder what that is all about. You have loyalty, but it's not to the person that built this cool hot rod, why is that?

    2. And just answer this, why is a rat rod builder buying someone else's rat rod creation, and putting his name on it? There is only one reason. It's not an honorable one.