Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Crazy fixes to car problems.. .some of these even impress me with their possible efficient overcoming of challenges the cheap way

Gotta be a heavy beast, but have you ever seen a rebar bike?

This is actually not the first wacko who is deathly afraid of his car getting door dinged I've seen, I posted a photo a couple years ago of a car I parked next to with swimming pool float tubes draped down the sides of his Crown Vic

Not the first time a pair of lifts were needed to reach something, and made it into the safety meeting photos of what not to do at work

Something the cassette player is useful for!

Why not? Everyone has used a wrench to beat on something at one point

I like this.... good use for a drill

This ought to worry anyone looking at it, it's innovative, but really unsafe looking


Innovative if one wiper arm is broken

Frankenburban. Jo Schmo (great moniker) let me know about a feature photo of the FrankenBurban http://dailyderbi.com/tuning-gone-wrong-when-4-wheels-isnt-enough-edition/
Thanks Jo! Add a profile to your Google or Blogger Profile page so people like me can email you a thank you!

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  1. ah....I thought I recognized that Frankenburben