Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There are 2 blogs that ripoff everything I post

Anyone have advice on how tho shut these bastards down?

Before I could even get to work on contacting Blog, that ripoff is already gone! I think your advice and action on my behalf must have done the trick!

Thanks! (why didn't I think of that forehead smack has just been performed!)


  1. Other then sending an angry email/letter I am not sure what you could do.

  2. There's not much you can do. Send them an official looking letter saying they're using copyright material and to take it down? You'll be able to hear them laughing at that one, unless they're complete newbies. You could also contact their hosting company and complain, but may not get far with that. Although some have had luck, depending on the hosting company's policy.

  3. If they're also on Blogger, you can contact blogger about getting their site removed. Otherwise, ask the experts at Blogger Forums.

  4. Send a cease and desist to them and copy their ISP or blogging platform, if they're on blogspot of what-have-you.

    Make sure you put a copyright statement somewhere on your site as well.

    May not help, but it is worth a shot.

  5. I go to whois and find out who is responsible. Sometimes you can just get the server company. I got one blog shut down, but it took half an hour on the phone. If it's blogger, then I really don't know, but you can look at the FAQs or something.

  6. Don't you worry, Jesse. This is the biggest compliment you could get. All your readers know you are the ONLY car guy!
    Love your blog. Nik.