Monday, October 04, 2010

Things that caught my attention at the Primer Nats

BIG signs!

Gauges? We don't need no stinking gauges!
well, it can't be easy to find the right window handles...
excellent set of gauges!

Willys Whippet badge, rare. Finding it on this hot rod, cool.

Love the above gauge pods

Good place for a tach!

Cool trunk!

That all the colored inserts are carved with flames has me thinking that they are all aftermarket

How unsual, Essex headlights on a hot rod!

Some really fundamental early hot rod pieces... basic scallop, wire rims

Pinstriping on this lever panel is sweet!
Lincoln dash is just huge... not a good proportion though
Wow. Never thought that a car like the above would have a blower.. that's a Caddy I believe

Two cool Mercs

I've no idea what Y.M.I. Los Angeles is about... anyone know?

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