Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things left in rental cars and found by the clean up crew after the vehicle was dropped off at the rental car place

3 million cash... drug deal that was interrupted by cops who then confiscated the vehicle, but didn't throroughly search for evidence

an Uzi... Secret Service sorta dropped it and didn't notice it, rental car company called them up to let them know they'd "misplaced" somehting important

a kilo of cocaine... DEA rented a vehicle to transport a large haul of confiscated coke... and "misplaced AKA lost" one kilo. Under a bench seat, somethign like that, who knows.

I went to a couple other rental car places, and they enjoyed hearing the stories, but wouldn't share any of their own unless the corporate office gave the OK ... seems everyone is on a gag order, no telling any stories because of lawyers and "confidentiality" legal mumbo jumbo.

If any of you want to share stories like these, I don't print names, dates, locations, or companies... so use the comment thing, or email me and I'll add them to this list.

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