Saturday, August 07, 2010

When you think about barn find fire trucks, do you ever think they'd be in a 1912 fire station in Pakistan? Two were! Stored since the late 60's

The short person in white is Maureen Lines, and she is quite possibly the person most to thank for the fire trucks coming into the light for the first time in over 4 decades. She made the right contacts in the Pakistani government to see that the 2 fire trucks were made available to restorers like Romano!

I believe she concieved the idea to have the fire engines added to the National Heritage Trust, and she asked the Highway patrol to bring in heavy moving equipment to persude the fire engines to roll out of their long hibernation

the two are 1919 and 1921 models, one is red the other was painted black

In the above and below photos you'll notice that this fire truck is painted black, and the other photos are of the red fire truck

If you like these, and ever find yourself in Pakistan, you'l want to take a look at the working one that is in Karachi. For a gallery of these fire engines:

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