Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm still looking for a gallery of photos of this Bonneville record setting kombi VW microbus

Above image by Tim Scott


  1. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Hey there! I may have some information for you.

    I have on good authority from a fellow member of the aircooled VW community, that while this bus was on the flats, it never actually set a record. A very similar bus did set a land speed record for an aircooled VW motor at a different track.

    I am however totally smitten with the above bus and I'm currently working on hunting down the owner. If I find him and can get pics I'll be happy to share!

  2. I shot this when it was on the salt a few years back - the first shot you've used above is one of mine (thanks for the photo credit !).

    1. Well, I hope I did, are you sport That site has no "about me" info, email to contact the hmfic etc... So... since I can't tell if you're sincere or sarcastic, and that site has Zero info... I hope we're cool. Do you have more photos of that van you'd like to share?

    2. I credited you with the british castle car show/concours photos too! Many compliments! Those were damn good photos!