Monday, March 08, 2010

Motor Trend Classic will be back in press! About effing time! talks about it.

I had a subscription to this and loved it, I still have my copies. They killed the magazine without telling any of us subscribers, and that still pisses me off. No one bothered to contact us to offer a substitute or arrange for our satisfaction of how Motor Trend's owners would repay us our subscription money. talks about it's demise in 2007

They don't seem to be wide open to renewing subscriptions, as the wording they use is "Limited number" of subscriptions, so maybe that is their way of pressuring interested people to nailing down your money so they can finance this idea.

Order yours, if it's as good as the previous iteration, it's worth it. It won't be monthly, it's now going to be quarterly, like Rodders Journal. It starts with the Spring 2010 issue. Order from this website I just did.

here's my post about the dork's who kileed off the monthly in Feb 2007

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