Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disney doesn't allow the use of Segways at the Disney resorts

If you are an individual with a disability which substantially limits your ability to walk and you use a Segway as an assistive moblity device and intend to visit the Walt Disney World or Walt Disneyland Resorts the proposed settlement, if approved by the court, will allow Disney to continue to prohibit the use of Segways by those with disabilities.

You will be forever barred from contesting the fairness, reasonableness, or adequacy of the settlement or from pursuing any claims against Disney related to the use of Segways at the Disney Resorts.

United States Department of Justice

Joins DRAFT In Opposing Disney Settlement
The Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice files an amicus brief in a rare objection strongly opposing the proposed settlement as "fundamentally unfair" to people with disabilities.

Click on links below to view PDF's
DRAFT Press Release
DOJ Objections to Proposed Disney Settlement
DRAFT Objections to Proposed Disney Settlement
Disability Rights Advocates For Technology

How does this apply to you? Well, if you hapopen to be injured in a auto colliosion that is due to someone elses poor driving, you might need a wheelchair or a Segway for ambulkatory assistance. Wouldn't you like to use it if you went to Disney? Seems to me that if you use a wheeled chair, a seeing eye dog, or are married to, related to or become wheelchair bound, you might find this affects you too.

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