Friday, November 13, 2009

welder up rat rod race car and it's Diamond T hauler

Notice the exhaust pipes are behind the cab about as high as the step, and when the ramp is raised horizontally, the vertical structures on top of the ramp slip over the exhaust pipe, and raise the end of the exhaust to well over the cab height... very damn clever!

Dodge Brothers Standard Six
Notice the chainsaw cutting chain around the cowl, and the bandsaw blade horizontally along the beltline

I'm guessing the shifter was originally part of a farm machinery like a early plow or hay rake height adjuster

another gallery of the car here:

A gallery of the truck here:


  1. Not only is it diesel, but it's TRAILERED. 2 thumbs down. And are those disk brakes? 3 thumbs down, if I had 3.

    1. Youre cracked!!

    2. Youre cracked!!!

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    4. ALL they're cars are turbo diesels; it's their signature build style, and they trailered it so they could show off more of they're cars. Also, when was the last time you tried to stop a 1000hp chunk of steel with drum brakes? You could slow down once before they completely crap out!

  2. Everyone has a different take, and Gety ain't happy about David's. I'm laughing that Gety was using two words to retort.

    David, have you seen that car at the dragstrip? Holy crap. I'd trailer it too, have you ever ridden in something like for a thousand miles? I believe that the Welder Up guys are from Texas, and I have taken pictures of it in California and Nevada, so they are long hauling regardless of where they are from, and that hauler is AWESOME!