Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The better oil test; Seeing is believing; just add weights (pressure) until weak competition oil can't hack it any more and surrenders to friction

His accent masks the way he said that after 3 hundred pounds, "it fails". The Mobil One oil that is. Not that the ordinary lifter springs are 100 pounds of pressure on the camshaft, but they are over 100 pounds of pressure on most mild performance engines, like my double spring 906 heads on my last 383.

And the whole point of showing the pressure between the two surfaces, and when the oil fails, is that your engine has little or no oil between surfaces on start up. The con rod to crankshaft gets a beating every ignition stroke, the lifter to cam surface has constant high pressure, and the piston to sleeve contact isn't oiled up very well either.

He shows that he has treated the oil in the small sump area under the spinning metal contact area with a capfull of Justice Brothers oil treatment and how it can now withstand many hundred pounds of pressure without failure.

Then he added water. That is the kiss of death in any oil system, and normally water only gets into your oil if your head gasket fails, and then your oil will turn a chocolate milk color

The scoring to the right, hightlighted in the red reflection, is the competition. The slight scoring on the left in the white bar of reflection is the JB oil treatment

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