Sunday, November 29, 2009

Automotive pictures from Shorpy

Vanderbilt's Belmont Park four-in-hand passing the Holland House Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York 1905
1917 Detroit
Traffic congestion at a 1918 war bond drive in Washington DC

This Winton was wrecked by Congressman never-heard-of-him-before, in 1920

1920 Washington DC
1924 photo of Lincoln hearse
1926 paint booth
1926 service station
1928 Takoma Park Maryland
This is a Cunningham automobile, and was used as a private ambulance by a coroner
1927 four wheel drive auto company dumptruck
1927 four wheel drive auto company Via: If you like this type of old car photos, look through the best vehicle photos from Shorpy that I've come across:

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