Monday, October 26, 2009

Reasons you'll enjoy Wavecrest if you are ever in San Diego in September

It isn't possible we're likely to see anyone else from the good old days of hot rodding making palm frond shady hats... only photos in old Hot Rod magazines from the early 1950's
Above, my favorite car trophy

Above, the trunk is for all the normal stuff he carries around but didn't want to be out in the open, detracting from the old hot rod aesthetic

Triple the cool factor, Plymouth, woodie, and owned by a woman... now that is rare. A woman who finds old hot rods so cool she bought one!

Dodge woodie, cool

Above: I dig the color combo

What an induction!

Above: couple of demons
Above: very 1940's fire extinguisher

Above: great innovative way to mount a tach

Beautiful set of woodie and teardrop

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