Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scam warning, scam job posting on Craigslist
Do you consider yourself a good and careful driver?,
possess a valid driver's license,have a clean record ,no DUI'S and ready to work flexible hours and earn good, then this must be the driver's job for you...
interested parties should email:
Compensation: great

Hello and thanks for responding to the advert on craigslist.
My name is Thomas Spencer and I am based in the south London Area of the United Kingdom(England),
I am a business man and will be coming to the US (San Diego CA) for a business trip and as well a conference,and my stay will last 5 days,
I need a personal driver who will chauffeur me to and fro my destination during this 5 days.
I will provide the vehicle and Gas which will be used for this purpose.
My conditions are as follows:
1: Punctuality: you must be punctual as you are to resume by 10am and close by 5pm
2: Applicants must possess a vaild drivers licence
3: Applicants must be good and careful drivers
4: You Must have a clean record
5: Salary is $140 daily which is a total of ($700) for the 5 days
6: My Arrival date is on Monday the (14th of September) and i will be leaving back for the UK on Friday(18th 11th of september),so all applicants must be willing to work these days
7: Applicants must be willing to subject themselves to a background check and as such should get back to me with their
(pls this is only to certify the authenticity of each applicant and will not be used for any other motive)
Pls note that this email does not automatically mean you have secured the job,
Chosen applicants will be contacted asap.. for more enquiry you can call
Thanks Thomas

This is a scam, because: this job looks fine, but the method of payment is a check that is for a large amount, and from that large check that you have to cash, the scammer wants a part, and you pay for all the incidentals like the rental car etc.

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