Monday, August 10, 2009

Lowrider hop contest in Chula Vista, Straight Game CC 2nd annual picnic and hop

Notice please that the Lincoln in these three photos makes a left hand turn in these photos. Every hop, it was a bit closer to the crowd... the pavement was uneven, and gravity is always in effect... so every car hopping made a slow left turn, or rolled backwards. I hope they get smart and check that the next venue is level, or wider, and keep the stupid people the hell out of the pit. No kidding, every minute the guy on the mic was telling people who didn't give a damn to get out of the pit.

This is one impressive dog harness Great face painting clown on hand

(above) One of these people is not like the other, as they used to say on Sesame Street

This guy's look is a cliche. Not in a good way.

So much lift in the rear hydraulics, the upper retaining bolt snapped on the axle chain. The screwdrivers were an attempt to hold the chain in place long enough to make a try at the highest hop. Snapped like old toothpicks.

The first moment of this video captures the flash of the shorted out electrical. Pause it the instant you hit play

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  1. We just had our annual car show here - nothing so crazy as this! some of those cars are amazingly immaculate. Love the video shots, and you've got some great people shots too!