Saturday, May 30, 2009

I just got a subscription to Rod and Custom... so why send me a "Last Chance Renewal Alert"?

Look right next to my name, it says Mar 10... that means my subscription doesn't end til March 2010... obviously about a year from now.
"This offer will not be repeated" really? Wanna bet?
And with a subscription, they tell you that you will get a t-shirt... frankly I told them on the subscrition card to keep it, give it to someone who needs another t-shirt. Today in the mail I get a damn hat, that I'm not going to wear. Can't people who work at a magazine company read? Is it really too much to ask that they keep the clothing, and just send me an issue once a month? Cut out the BS stuff, and lower the costs of running their comapny, so maybe the price of the subscription stays put?
Just love the magazine, not the junk in the mail that they insist on sending. Hell, if you are running a magazine, and insist on wasting money on postage for stuff people didn't pay for, send me old copies of past issues! Recycle them to me!

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