Monday, May 11, 2009

1934 Buick 91 ( right hand drive ) (one of 2 in the UK)... unrestored barn find!

Bought new (rhd) by a guy called Blenkinsop in 34 and stored in a barn in 1960 when he couldn't get tyres for it! Sold at auction 4 years ago to me! All original interior, paint, chrome (or lack of) etc. Overhauled mechanics and new tyres.

There where 7 Buicks imported new to Britain in 1934, of which 2 are 91's. The other car survives in Scotland

He has the original engine but is running it with a Rover V8 at the moment. There is also a 33 or 34 Buick Hearse in a scrapyard somewhere in the UK.

I have the original spare wheel covers but unfortunately they don't fit over the 750x16 tyres I have, think I need 650x16's for the spares.

Thanks Rob!

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    yep well i have a 1934 buick 8 40,,sedan with a Holden body,its got no rust at all it never did,perhaps the only one in the U.K. It is part restored,, i am a bit slow,,, i bought it in 1970,drove it away for a mere £30,,,,(60 dollars Ausie),,good eh and the original radio worked,,The nice guy i bought it from filled it with petrol as well,,It still starts fine and yes you do need 650x16,tyres,i have white walls,,I imported the car from Australia in 1995,,and drove it from customs,,,much to their suprise.One day i might finnish it thats if i live long enough,,,,,Ron