Tuesday, April 28, 2009

some cool stuff from Spring Fling

an 8 track player, that is cool. very period perfect, and a good choice of album too
It's a Tic Toc Tach... as a clock! That is a cool desk clock!
the 1950's rare record player
426 Max Wedge exhaust manifolds... they really were cast iron factory headers

Rare literature filled one vendors tent, lots of cool stuff
For a better look at the above, see http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2009/06/one-fun-advertisement-id-love-to-talk.html

This is the coolest tool box!


  1. Jesse,
    You should know that I am a loyal reader of your blog. No big deal, I know, but the important thing is why I spend my time here, several times a week. Is for posts like this one, where you collect very diferent shots related to the automobile - from a sticker to a pipe - and crop, adjust and share with people like me. You have a sharp eye to the beauty of the automobile.
    As I said, you should know that!
    Thanks Jesse!


  2. Jesse:

    I couldn't agree with Nik more. You rock.
    But no image of the 50? Dang kid, you are killin' me.
    That 70 300 is sweet, I remember seeing these in the dealer showroom on the frequent trips there with my Dad.
    But I like Sue's HotRod even better.
    Thanks and keep on keepin' on.