Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Olds with history

Anyone recognize this carb? The air intake is on the far side

not just a big can of beer for a radiator catch can, but also to cap off the oil fill tube... cool!
if anyone can tell me what is the make of these carbs, I'll appreciate the education. I see the air gets into the carb on the sides... that flips me out. email direct to or just add a note to the comments of this post... thanks!

this is the first time I've seen wrenches in the ashtray... I love it. It just visually hits you with truth. This machine was wrenched on, frequently, and the mechanic wasn't wasting time finding the damn wrench, he kept them on hand.

and update May 2018, this car was at the Seal Beach annual spring car show where I did a much better job photographing the car

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