Friday, December 05, 2008

MoPar extra large photos so you can get print them into posters,use them for computer wall paper, or business card background...

All of these are as large as possible, click on them for full size, enjoy!

Full chain of events? Balboa Park car show had the most optioned out 28 model A I've come across, so I photographed it and talked to the owner, who invited me over to photograph his 30 Plymouth , and told me all about the street cars that are still hanging around as houses and a restaurant , and introduced me to friends of his whose wood work I'd admired at Balboa on a Chrysler Town and Country , who has a 2 car garage where he restores them, and has a bookshelf and MoPar packaging that wouldn't get out of my head until I'd gotten better photos.

Yeah, I carry all that around in my head. Any wonder why I can't remember when the car council and Mopar Club meetings are?
If you think of any other cool things that these photos can be used for, please email me ( or use the comment function please

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